Distribution amplifiers :: SAB series
Band amplification system with separate VHF and UHF signal processing, to reduce the IM2 products.

Distribution amplifiers :: IFA series - 1st IF SAT
Amplifies the 1st IF SAT signal and combines it with terrestrial channels. It has one input for amplifying the IF signal and another input for the RF signal.

Multiband amplifiers
Different amplifiers, from the SAB series with separate UHF and VHF signal processing, to the SABAL series, more robust to work under adverse weather conditions or the 1st IF SAT amplifier, IFA Book suitable for TV satellite installations with IF processors.

MicroMATV system
The programmable selective amplifiers MICROMATV series are the most flexible solution for the reception of digital and analogue channels. This universal amplification system is designed for medium-sized analogue and digital terrestrial TV headend community installations and individual installations. Can receive signals from up to 5 antennas, allowing the system to be organised in accordance with the number of channels picked up by each. There are different models: MicroMATV, MicroMATV plus, MicroMATV Futura and the recently launched MicroMATV Book.

Shielded SAT-IF stand alone multiswitches and cascadables multiswitches.